Free TOEFL Listening example

January 19th, 2008

Here’s a sample of the type of question you’ll encounter in the listening section of the TOEFL.Answer the following questions based on the lecture:

1: What is another name for swarmer white ants?
a) Workers
b) Alates
c) Termites
d) Nymphs

2: Why must worker white ants feed all the other white ants?
a) The worker ants have the largest appetites.
b) Soldier white ants do not have time to eat.
c) The worker white ants have special bacteria in their stomach.
d) The king white ant forces the worker white ants to feed him.

3: What can be inferred from the lecture?
a) All white ants should be exterminated, even in the wilderness.
b) White ants are better than carpenter ants.
c) Soldier white ants are more important than queen white ants.
d) White ants are highly organized insects that can be very destructive.

Learn English with Flash Cards

January 12th, 2008

This is a simple, useful site for lower-level learners. It is just made up of vocabulary flash cards that you can click on to hear pronunciation. Simple, but effective if you don’t have access to native speakers who can pronounce words for you.

Proper usage of ‘hope’ in English

January 7th, 2008

I see a lot of students who use WISH and HOPE incorrectly. The following lesson explains the proper usage of HOPE.

How to write a TOEFL essay

December 30th, 2007

This is a good four-part lesson on how to write an effective argument essay. This is tailored towards IELTS, but is useful for the TOEFL as well.

English Grammar Lesson – The Passive

December 24th, 2007

This is a two-part video introduction to the passive — what it is, how it’s formed, and why it’s used.