How to choose a TOEFL Exam Prep Centre

A lot of students ask me about choosing a TOEFL Exam Prep Centre. Are these places even any good? Classes offered by specialized Exam or Test Preparation Centres are made up with just one purpose — to help you get the highest score on your TOEFL. So, are they the best places to prepare yourself for the TOEFL? Well, not always. You need to do some investigating before spending your time and money.
TOEFL preparation centres can vary quite a bit. Some are part of international chains and others are just local schools. They might have thousands of successful graduates or just a few. And how can you really trust what they claim, anyway? The teachers may be specialists or general ESL teachers. The schools may produce and sell their own books and materials or use existing test preparation books and software. They might offer some kind of guarantee, based on your success in the exam. It’s best to ask the school about all this stuff before signing up. Also, you should attend free sample classes, if possible.
Sometimes, test preparation centres offer really short and focused intensive workshops and seminars. These can be really helpful. These are usually held in the evenings or on weekends.
Most importantly, you need to remember that as a student, YOU are the consumer and you DESERVE to have high quality training. You are also the one responsible for making wise buying decisions.

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