How to CHEAT on the TOEFL!

Okay friends, here is a trick you can use on the TOEFL iBT to improve your score in the section that everyone dreads the most — the TOEFL Speaking section.

Now, I would only advise that you read the following information if you are willing to do something devious and dishonest in order to get a better score…

Okay, here it is: When you’re done the section BEFORE speaking, don’t go forward to the speaking straight. Still your mind and and listen to what your fellow TOEFLers are speaking about around you. At least a few of them have probably already started their Speaking sections and will thus reveal something about the topic in what they are saying. If you do this, you’ll be able to think about the topic for longer and thus get a better score than your friends!

Remember — this is a TOEFL secret!! Don’t tell anyone ;)

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4 Responses to “How to CHEAT on the TOEFL!”

  1. robert says:

    This a wonderful site…..keep it up~!

  2. mn says:

    I will try it

  3. flowa powa says:

    hmm… good idea!!! it might be very helpful… 10x

  4. Tim says:

    I dunno what you mean by cheating in speaking. I know in general, a few, not many, occasionally listen to others’ speaking before starting their own speaking section, and trying to guess what topic the others are talking about, and write down those points, and then start their own speaking.

    That means, (unless they are very fast) they will usually end the exam a lot later than the rest. And very noticeable when they do speaking while others are already in writing section.

    Of course, TOEFL iBT has no way of forcing people to start Speaking right away after they come back from the 10 minute break. To avoid any unnecessary complaints and problems.

    However, this is not unknown by iBT staffs. Whether you consider it a cheat or a “trick” or “strategy”, if you are lucky, you may get away with that. Nonetheless, all site administrators are required to report situations such as this, and other unusual activities ie. going for many breaks, etc. (nicer ones might warn you before they report you). I know, because I am such admin.

    As for in reality, maybe you’ll get away with that, if the examiners in India or wherever feel lazy.

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