3 Free TOEFL iBT Listening Practice Sessions

Here are some great free practice listening sections. Remember to time yourself when answering, as timing is very important on the TOEFL iBT.


For this TOEFL iBT lesson, here are the questions:

3. What does this TOEFL lecture mainly concern?

a) The archaeological record found in New England shipwrecks
b) The rules for a game that the students are going to play
c) The leading causes of shipwrecks off the coast of New England
d) The role of the State Archaeological Society

4. What is the main purpose of this discussion?
a) To compare regressive and progressive taxes
b) To explain the need fo a new sales tax
c) To discuss the concept of income tax
d) To contrast direct and indirect taxation

5. What is the main topic of this discussion?
a) Edward Hopper’s early career as a commercial artist
b) A style of movie making called film noir
c) Edward Hopper’s realistic, bleak style of painting
d) Edward Hopper’s influence on other painters

[youtube=http://youtube.com/?v=l4umLhdInnc 468 391]

6. What is the class mainly discussing?
a) Government regulation and self-regulation in the advertising industry
b) A court decision that affected advertising for children in Sweden
c) The problems that a ban on advertising caused the tobacco industry
d) A negative advertising campaign designed to prevent people from smoking

7. What is the main point of this lecture?
a) To compare the characters of Greek epic poetry and those of modern novels
b) To discuss why the professor enjoys the Iliad more than the Odyssey
c) To contrast the main characters of the Iliad and the main character of the Odyssey
d) To explain why the professor is going to have to change the syllabus

[youtube=http://youtube.com/?v=bg5dNEytNZk 468 391]

8. What is the main subject of this lecture?
a) The failures of the United Nations
b) The historical role of the League of Nations
c) The origins of World War II
d) The forgotten successes of the League of Nations

9. What is the main idea of this lecture?
a) Despite certain advantages, there are any problems involved in the use of hot dry rock technology.
b) Hot dry rock technology is too expensive to ever be used as a practical energy source.
c) The main purpose of hot dry rock technology is to provide pure, clean water.
d) hot dry rock is a potentially important alternative source of energy.

3. A
4. D
5. C
6. A
7. C
8. B
9. D

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  1. vichypost says:

    thanks, this is a very useful website, i like it. but, i hope there is scripts too, it helps a lot also.

  2. Huong Vu says:

    Hi, thanks for the helpful practices. But I really want to know in the real test the questions will appear like this or they just appear after the lecturer finishes???

  3. cheko says:

    thanks, this material was very usefull to practice english.

  4. Honoré says:

    Dear i am preparing iBT Toefl test. I am worried a lot about listining and speaking. I need stratrgies for those two section. I will do the nest september 20th.Please help me overcome this problem. Note that normaly i have to test with disabilities but my country not provide facilities in this reguard. I am hard deaf.

  5. navdeep says:

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  6. Carrie says:

    Many Thanks!
    I like your blog very much, though I just found it today, and have a practise, I’ll take the Toefl test tomorrow, I think I give me a great help.

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    very nice

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    Wow great! Thank you so much for your help.It is very useful for me to improve my listening skills.I wish you all the success.From Mongolia

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    It was very useful.But 9 questions are not enough.Please put more questions.

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    I am really interested in this website. It is very helpful. I hope there will be more sessions and questions. I look forwards to getting more lectures from this website.
    Thank you very much.

  13. star says:

    thanks for these listening tips. they are quite helpful…really gets you ready for the real test day. i will be letting my friends know about this when they do their TOEFL…….

  14. sushil dhakal says:

    I found it with a terrible mistake.Can’t we make it not to pause frequently during listening? Due to pause I could not practice with it.

  15. Javii says:

    I really liked all of these videos, thank you, I’m getting ready to my TOEFL exam

  16. great says:

    hey Sushil, it’s pausing because ur internet connected is slow. u may load the full video first before starting ur session. That way u can listen to it without pausing. good luck

  17. lau says:

    I liked it!! And I found it really useful to practice a specific listening subskill, which is to get the main idea, but what about focusing on specific details? Probably, it would better to provide only one or two examples of listening to practice it, but with the number of questions that are regularly included in a real TOEFL iBT test.

    thank you so much! And please, wish me good luck, i am taking the test next weekend!!! :S

  18. mallak says:

    it was very useful practise 4 the tofil thnkx

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    it’s final :( im scare

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    Thank you very much! It was very helpfull for me. I like this site and it would be great if you put more questions and practice skills. Kind regards.

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  22. Great listening practice! I teach TOEFL listening at Cal State University, San Bernardino, and I will have my students practice at your site next week. Keep up the great work.

  23. laurabogotana says:

    Thank you very much. I really need to practice listening, I’m gonna take the exam the next saturday. Bye!

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    it’s very helpfull hopefully i can get toefl score more that the standard

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    thank you so much! i got all them right lol i’ll take the toefl test this saturday! this practice was really helpful and thank you thank you thank you!!

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    Thank you for helping me to improve my listening skills for Toefl! I’m happy that I found these exercises! Good luck to everyone!

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    Fantanstic!!! really good to practice. Thanks.

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    It was really useful taking notes and evaluate your own skills in this listening activity.. Thank you so much.

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    Nice job. It sounds more noteworthy if provide same thing with more questions (all types). Thanks….

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    how to listen well?

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    The videos are great. I was able to improve my listening skills.

    thank you

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    This is extremely helpful! Thanks!

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    thank you again !

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    i am going to take my toefl ibt on 10th of this month ..i am realy worried about my listining and speaking section …how can i improve these????

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