3 Free TOEFL iBT Listening Practice Sessions

Here are some great free practice listening sections. Remember to time yourself when answering, as timing is very important on the TOEFL iBT.


For this TOEFL iBT lesson, here are the questions:

3. What does this TOEFL lecture mainly concern?

a) The archaeological record found in New England shipwrecks
b) The rules for a game that the students are going to play
c) The leading causes of shipwrecks off the coast of New England
d) The role of the State Archaeological Society

4. What is the main purpose of this discussion?
a) To compare regressive and progressive taxes
b) To explain the need fo a new sales tax
c) To discuss the concept of income tax
d) To contrast direct and indirect taxation

5. What is the main topic of this discussion?
a) Edward Hopper’s early career as a commercial artist
b) A style of movie making called film noir
c) Edward Hopper’s realistic, bleak style of painting
d) Edward Hopper’s influence on other painters

[youtube=http://youtube.com/?v=l4umLhdInnc 468 391]

6. What is the class mainly discussing?
a) Government regulation and self-regulation in the advertising industry
b) A court decision that affected advertising for children in Sweden
c) The problems that a ban on advertising caused the tobacco industry
d) A negative advertising campaign designed to prevent people from smoking

7. What is the main point of this lecture?
a) To compare the characters of Greek epic poetry and those of modern novels
b) To discuss why the professor enjoys the Iliad more than the Odyssey
c) To contrast the main characters of the Iliad and the main character of the Odyssey
d) To explain why the professor is going to have to change the syllabus

[youtube=http://youtube.com/?v=bg5dNEytNZk 468 391]

8. What is the main subject of this lecture?
a) The failures of the United Nations
b) The historical role of the League of Nations
c) The origins of World War II
d) The forgotten successes of the League of Nations

9. What is the main idea of this lecture?
a) Despite certain advantages, there are any problems involved in the use of hot dry rock technology.
b) Hot dry rock technology is too expensive to ever be used as a practical energy source.
c) The main purpose of hot dry rock technology is to provide pure, clean water.
d) hot dry rock is a potentially important alternative source of energy.

3. A
4. D
5. C
6. A
7. C
8. B
9. D

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  1. Chandra says:

    It makes me really happy and excited because the listening passages seem pragamatic. Let me thank the designer of this web site. Though i could not answer all the questions but i did approximately 69 percentage right which i hope is the begining of successful career.

  2. madan pokhril says:

    Great job, it helped me a lot and i wish to get more practice guides in coming days

  3. Mohammad says:


    Thank you for the useful sample test, however, I wish they were in form of complete ibt toefl listening tests.

    thank you

  4. GEEni says:

    Thank you for providing a service like this. It is truly helpul to have a free service.

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    all thik

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    can any1 tell me other sites in which i can get som sample listening materials

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    this is very helpful to improve my listening skill..thank you for this useful material

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  9. rebin vet. says:

    OK. thats great i really will get benefit from this 3 listening section , i every time value for this type of work and now i can a conquer to the TOEFL test , but i look foreword to put more listening practice for who want to take TOEFL test

  10. Top-notch post it is surely. I’ve been looking for this tips.

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    very helpful. Wishing regular update with new practice session.

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    Thank you so much for your support and work!I really appreciate what you have done.Congratulations!

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    I loved this site, I´m an English teacher and the main goal in the school I work is to prepare ss for the TOEFL test, I found this site useful. I hope you cab upload more exercises like that.

  14. Sri says:

    A very good listening excersise. It would be great if you throw-on a lot of questions to grinde our listening skill :)

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    Thanks I found it really useful.

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    Its really helpful

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    Hey I’ve heard a lot about this blog and think your doing a pretty good job, I’ve never thought of implementing humor into teaching for the toefl quite like the way you do; it’s good study practice. Keep up the good work!

  18. Rowel says:

    Though it is very helpful for improving my listening skill, I can not evaluate my understanding whether it is correct or wrong.

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    These are a very helpful exercises to improve listening skills. Thank you for providing us such support!
    I would like to do more listening practice tests which contain more questions about details… it would be great that you submitt some of these type :)

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    Will you post any more practice questions in the future?


  27. kunthea says:

    Hi I am not a student,but preparing for the test on the 12th of Sept
    I wonder if anyone could tell me how good do I need to get on the test,as I am doing it to apply for the perminent visa application only.
    Will appreciate all your help.

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